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Shooting Modes

Theta SC2 is equipped with a range of preset modes that delivery the perfect footage for specific subjects and shooting scenarios. Also an all new underwater* mode, that allows the user to adjust to the ideal white balance when shooting underwater has been added.


*a dedicated underwater housing, like the TW-1 , is required when shooting underwater.

Face Mode

A mode that detects human faces and automatically places them at the center of the image.  This mode is also using exposure compensation and noise reduction to apply skin smoothing.

Lens-by-Lens Exposure

A mode that controls two lenses individually to provide clear, bright footage of subjects in scenarios where there are significant variations in brightness levels, such as inside and outside vehicle, or on a stage.

Night view

A mode that utilizes dynamic range compensation and noise reduction through image compositing to deliver beautiful night-time shots.

Easy-to-Understand Camera Design and Interface

The lower half and side of the THETA SC2 is where all of the camera user interface happens.  The shutter release button and OLED display are both on the front of the camera.  On the side of the camera you will find the Power, Wifi, Mode and Self-timer buttons.

Four Color Options

The Ricoh THETA SC2 comes in four different colors that users can choose from pink, blue, beige and white.

Dual Communication and High-Speed Data Transfer

The THETA SC2 can be connected  to a smartphone via Bluetooth®. Improvements to ease of use have also been made. Smartphones can now be used for shooting with just a Bluetooth® connection, and when the camera has entered the sleep state, it can be powered on from the basic app. With a wireless LAN connection, all functions can be used, including live view display and image transfer on a smartphone, which can be used separately as appropriate to the shooting circumstances.

The process has been changed such that the “top/bottom” correction is performed when videos are played back instead of when data is transferred, making the video transfer rate approximately 4x faster than the previous Ricoh Theta SC model.

**Actual measured value compared with RICOH THETA SC when transferring identical amounts of data to iOS devices. According to Ricoh research.


Image and Video

Records natural 360° still images and videos with high resolution and highly precise stitch image processing.

4K Movie

Produces incredibly realistic spherical video by shooting in 4K (3840 x 1920, 29.7fps),

Shooting Modes

Adapt to shooting scenarios and take beautiful images with ease. Features Face, Night View, and Lens-b-Lens Exposure modes. *shooting at night must be done with a tripod attached.

Lens Response

Never miss a shot with the quick lens response that enables shooting in around 1.5 seconds after powering on the camera.

Wireless Transfer

High-speed wireless transfer. Rapid wireless transfer of images and videos.

OLED Display

Features a display panel that allows you to check battery power, wifi and shooting modes.


Thin and lightweight body design that optimizes internal components. Fits in your hand or pocket with ease. Available in four color options.


Convenient dedicated apps for both PC, Mac and Smartphones. Allowing you to share your images with FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also load your images and videos to, a Ricoh website dedicated to sharing 360-degree images.


Use the dedicated editing apps "THETA+" to easily put the finishing touches to eye-catching work.

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