Check out the latest firmware and software updates from PENTAX to enhance the performance of your digital camera.


Firmware Updates

Digital camerasContentVersion
K-1Windows / Mac OS1.40
K-70Windows / Mac OS1.10
K-S2Windows / Mac OS1.20
K-S1Windows / Mac OS1.20
645ZWindows / Mac OS1.22
K-3IIWindows / Mac OS1.10
K-3Windows / Mac OS1.21
K-50Windows / Mac OS1.02
K-500Windows / Mac OS1.02
K-30Windows / Mac OS1.06
K-01Windows / Mac OS1.05
PENTAX Q7Windows / Mac OS1.01
PENTAX Q10Windows / Mac OS1.03
PENTAX QWindows / Mac OS1.14
645ZWindows / Mac OS1.22
645DWindows / Mac OS1.33
K-5II / K-5IIsWindows / Mac OS1.07
K-5Windows / Mac OS1.16
K-rWindows / Mac OS1.15
K-xWindows / Mac OS1.03
K-7Windows / Mac OS1.13
K-mWindows / Mac OS1.11
K2000Windows / Mac OS1.11
K20DWindows / Mac OS1.04
K200DWindows / Mac OS1.01
K10DWindows / Mac OS1.31
K110DWindows / Mac OS1.02
K100DWindows / Mac OS1.02
*ist DL2Windows / Mac OS1.02
*ist DS2Windows / Mac OS1.02
*ist DLWindows / Mac OS1.03
*ist DSWindows Me,2000,XP / Mac OS2.02
*ist DWindows / Mac OS1.12

 *Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Image Transmitter 2 software must be installed prior to update