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We are pleased to offer sample products for purchase only available on our website. These products were used at trade shows and/or by dealers and have been lightly used. All sample products have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Products are not in their original packaging and are offered at a special discounted price. All sample products are not eligible for a warranty and come with a 30-day return policy.

ProductRegular PriceSale Price
PENTAX 645z – 3 Lens Comprehensive Kit$12000.00 $9999.88
(2 Units Available)
K-70 SILVER BODY ONLY$649.95 $429.88
(1 Unit Available)
K-70 BLACK BODY ONLY$649.95 $479.88
(3 Units Available)

Warranty/Return Policy:  Sample products are sold as is, with no warranty. All Sample Products may be returned within thirty (30) days of purchase to receive a full refund of the Sample Product’s purchase price (return shipping will not be refunded).  Refunds of the purchase price will be made to the same credit or debit card used when ordering.  If, for some reason, the same credit or debit card is not available, the Customer must contact Ricoh to make other arrangements for refunding the charge or debit of the purchase price.  Please note that all charges related to the return shipping of the Sample Product to the service center are the responsibility of the original purchaser. In returning this Product, the original purchaser must prepay all postage, shipping transportation, insurance, and delivery costs and the Sample Product must be delivered in packaging and shipping materials that afford an adequate degree of protection for the Sample Product. (Note: Ricoh will not assume any responsibility for damages or loss encountered in transit to the approved service center but will assist in processing any claims whenever possible.)




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