A new Firmware (Version 1.50) for the RICOH GR III has just been released which brings some exciting enhanced features and functions.  Be sure to download and install this new firmware and let us know what you think. #ricohgriii #gr3 #evolving #ricohimaging



Evolving  New Enhanced Features

DOF Priority [Deep] has been added to the program line of the exposure settings.

The focus setting “Face Detection” has been updated to include “Face/Eye Detection”.

Added 2 new aspect ratios “4:3“ and “16:9” to the [Cropping] function of Image Editing section of the Playback Settings.

Added [ Image Rotation] to the [Cropping] function of Image Editing section of the Playback Settings.

The monotone function has been added to [Base Parameter Adj] of the image editing section of the playback settings, and the filter effect function and color adjustment function have been added when monotone is selected.

When developing RAW files, you can now select [Continue] after RAW development.

The auto-resize [XS size] transfer function has been added when using ImageSync (version 2.1.8 or later).

ImageSync: http://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/english/products/app/image-sync2


Evolving  Improved Contents

Shortened the screen switching time when changing image control and other settings in RAW development.

Improved stability for general performance.

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