Ricoh announces function-expansion firmware update with season-specific Custom Image mode for PENTAX K-1, K-1 Mark II and K-3 Mark III cameras

Custom Image modes provide unique visual effects when DSLRs are used with PENTAX Limited-series lenses; effects enhance outdoor images based on season of year, first is for summer

PARSIPPANY, NJ, June 23, 2022 Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation today announced the release of new function-expansion firmware for PENTAX K-1, K-1 Mark II and K-3 Mark III digital SLR cameras that enables season-specific Custom Image modes when the cameras are used with specific PENTAX Limited-series lenses. Throughout the year, a series of season-specific Custom Image modes will be released, the first being issued today – KATEN, in honor of summer. When a compatible limited series lens is mounted, the camera automatically detects and confirms compatibility with the firmware, allowing the user to select the special-edition Custom Image mode. When selected, the mode allows adding unique finishing touches to images to enhance outdoor, seasonal landscapes.

The first season-specific mode available today is called KATEN or “Summer Sky.” It is designed to emphasize the rich blues of summer skies and depict the fine details of dazzling white clouds. This mode can be selected in combination with HD PENTAX-D FA 21mmF2.4ED Limited DC WR and HD PENTAX-DA 15mmF4ED AL Limited lenses. Both lenses feature an ultra-wide angle of view and the latest High Definition (HD) coating, which effectively minimizes ghost images even when photos are captured under harsh summertime sunshine, or when the sun is in the image field. These two lenses have been selected for the KATEN Custom Image mode because they best optimize the intended visual effects of the mode.

Custom Image modes that have been specially designed for capturing autumn, winter and spring scenes will be available later this year. The chart below shares detailed information on compatible cameras and lenses for each season-specific mode.


Special-Edition Custom Image mode

Compatible Camera Body

Partner Lens* 

(Usable on all compatible camera bodies)



PENTAX K-1 /K-1 Mark II


HD PENTAX-D FA 21mmF2.4ED Limited DC WR

HD PENTAX-DA 15mmF4ED AL Limited

AutumnPENTAX K-1 /K-1 Mark II



HD PENTAX-FA 43mmF1.9 Limited

HD PENTAX-DA 21mmF3.2AL Limited

HD PENTAX-DA 40mmF2.8 Limited

HD PENTAX-DA 70mmF2.4 Limited

WinterPENTAX K-1 /K-1 Mark II



HD PENTAX-FA 31mmF1.8 Limited

HD PENTAX-DA 35mmF2.8 Macro Limited


SpringPENTAX K-1 /K-1 Mark II



HD PENTAX-FA 77mmF1.8 Limited

HD PENTAX-DA 20-40mmF2.8-4ED Limited DC WR

* Lenses compatible with autumn, winter and spring Custom Image modes are tentative choices and may be changed later.

Note: Special-edition, season-specific Custom Image modes other than KATEN will be named later and announced with the release for each firmware.

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