WG Holder O-CH1470

The O-CH1470 WG Holder securely cradles all Pentax WG-series cameras when mounted to any of the optional WG mount accessories. It’s configured with a tripod screw for connection to the camera, as well as a strap that goes over the camera and features a wide opening in the middle, in order to prevent your WG from falling without blocking the built-in flash or LCD monitor. Transferring the ball mount-equipped WG Holder to the Suction Cup, Adhesive or Handlebar Mount is quick and easy.


  • Cradles WG Cameras in WG Mounts
  • Tripod Screw for Camera Connection
  • Strap for Extra Security
  • Configured with Ball Mount

WG Holder O-CH1470

Model No.37033



Model No.


Model No. 03827-03833


Model No. 03843-03853

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