WG Flat Adhesive Mount O-CM1471

The O-CM1471 WG Flat Adhesive Mount from Ricoh is a simple and flexible solution for attaching a Pentax WG-series camera to virtually any flat surface. Strong adhesive tape on the bottom provides a secure hold, ensuring that the mount will stay attached to the surface, while the mounting screw on top keeps the camera locked in. Thanks to the modular ball and socket joint system, the mount is easily adjustable and allows for quick camera removal for handheld shooting or mounting onto the optional Handlebar or Suction Cup mount.

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  • For Mounting WG Camera to Flat Surface
  • Strong Adhesive Tape
  • Modular Ball and Socket Joint
  • Compatible with WG Holder for Security

WG Flat Adhesive Mount O-CM1471

Model No. 37030



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Model No. 03827-03833


Model No. 03843-03853

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