Theta SC2 360 VR Kits (Theta SC2, Ricoh Selfie Stick and Case)

Theta SC2 camera, TL-1 Lens protector and Ricoh Selfie Stick.   Theta SC2 camera available in Blue, White, Beige and Pink.

Theta SC 2  – 360° for Everyone

The Ricoh THETA SC2  is the enthusiast model of the THETA lineup, designed for casual use, for those selfie shooters who would rather capture everything in spherical 360° and in 4K. The THETA SC2 is simple to operate for beginners and everyone else, and it’s so compact it can be kept in your pocket at all times and pulled out in any situation to capture 360 photos and videos. There’s also a self-timer button that gives you the flexibility to set up and capture creative 360 group shots.  Compatible with iOS & Android devices, the Ricoh Theta SC2 is available in a choice of four stylish colors.   Learn More

Ricoh Selfie Stick

A selfie stick designed for use with the RICOH THETA series, that distances the user’s hands from the THETA body, allowing the user to take 360° images without their fingers interfering with the shot.

The TM-2 can be used for shooting in a wide range of scenarios, such as when traveling or at events, or when shooting the surrounding scenery. It features a specially designed tilting camera platform that prevents the camera platform itself from appearing in shot, and reduces the amount the selfie stick is captured in the shot to a minimum when using the TM-2 without tilting it.

The TM-2 is also equipped with a dial that reduces wear on the THETA tripod mount holes, allowing the THETA to be used in a stable state even when the stick is at full extension, despite its slim design. Learn More


Black case for your Theta SC2 with convenient belt clip.

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