Theta SC2 360 VR Kits (Theta SC2, Manfrotto Monopod and Lens Protector)

Theta SC2 camera, TL-1 Lens protector and Manfrotto Monopod.   Theta SC2 camera available in White, Beige and Pink.

Theta SC 2  - 360° for Everyone

The Ricoh THETA SC2  is the enthusiast model of the THETA lineup, designed for casual use, for those selfie shooters who would rather capture everything in spherical 360° and in 4K. The THETA SC2 is simple to operate for beginners and everyone else, and it's so compact it can be kept in your pocket at all times and pulled out in any situation to capture 360 photos and videos. There's also a self-timer button that gives you the flexibility to set up and capture creative 360 group shots.  Compatible with iOS & Android devices, the Ricoh Theta SC2 is available in a choice of four stylish colors.   Learn More

Manfrotto Monopod

This Monopod configuration consists of a specially adapted version of the PIXI EVO and a 4-section aluminum pole with a ¼ male thread to attach a camera.
The Manfrotto PIXI EVO kit is designed to support small 360° cameras, this mini tripod has two leg angles.
The 4 section aluminum pole can also be detached from the base and used as a selfie stick.

Max height (column extended) – 56.3″;  Minimum height – 15.7″;  Closed length – 23.23″;  Maximum load capacity – 2.2 lbs

Lens Protector

A new dedicated compact cap to protect the lenses of your Theta SC2.   The TL1 was meticulously designed with soft inner material to prevent the lenses from being scratched when inserting and removing it from the THETA. The lens cap can also be attached to the bottom of the camera to enable stable shooting when placing the THETA on top of a flat table or surface.


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