Ricoh TD-1 Monopod

TD-1 Stand was designed specifically for the Theta cameras, allowing for the stand and feet to have a minimal appearance in photos and videos.     The Ricoh TD-1 Stand is designed to hold any THETA series 360 camera in a stationary position. It's telescopically adjustable to different heights, and it features a small quick release mounting platform so you can easily switch between stationary and handheld modes. The robust stand has three foldable feet that open up to hold it sturdily, and it also supports an optional TT-1 stand weight for windy conditions or just for extra security. 
A monopod stand specially for the RICOH THETA series. The camera platform and leg are reduced in size to prevent them from appearing in a RICOH THETA's image, and a quick-release system is adopted for the camera platform. The length when stowed is about 56 cm, and it can be extended up to 152 cm with a single touch of a button.Compatible models: All RICOH THETA series models.The Ricoh TD-1 Stand is a perfect compliment to your Ricoh Theta 360 camera. Whether shooting VR tours or capturing vacation photos and video, the TD-1 provides a lightweight stable and versatile platform to support your camera.The TD-1s compact size makes for easy transport and a better alternative to handheld images. The stands collapsable feet provide a solid base to steady your camera.

The Ricoh TD-1 Stand is the perfect compliment to your Ricoh Theta Camera.  Whether you are shooing VR Tours or capturing vacation photos and vidoes, the TD-1 is a lightweight versatile platform to support your camera.


Theta SC2

Model No. 910800-910803

Theta V 360 Advanced Camera with Ricoh Selfie Stick

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Theta Z1

Model No. 910778

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