Remote Control Waterproof O-RC1

This remote enables remote operation of select PENTAX cameras without having to worry about the elements. It features a shutter release button, a zoom button and a function button that can be used to change the delay time for remote capture. This remote is not for video functions.

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  • Compatible with Select Pentax Cameras (X-5, X90, Optio VS20, WG-4, WG-4GPS, WG-20, WG-10, WG-3, WG-3GPS, WG-2, WG-2GPS, WG-1, WG-1GPS, W90, PENTAX SLR cameras with IR Receiver, PENTAX medium format cameras with IR receiver)
  • Infrared Transmission
  • Lanyard Attachment
  • replaces remote E (Product #: 37376)

Remote Control Waterproof O-RC1

Model No.39892


Pentax K-1 MKII

Model No. 15994

Pentax 645 Z

Model No. 16599

Pentax K-1

Model No. 19580

Pentax K-70

Model No. 16243-16994

Pentax K-3 II

Model No.


Model No. 04573-04583


Model No. 03827-03833


Model No. 03843-03853

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