Protect your precious lens from dust, scratches and damage! High-quality protection filter made of top class optical glass with that incorporates a new revolutionary magnet attaching system - "INSTANT ACTION".

Available Filters/Sets: 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82

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Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION is a revolutionary filter attaching system.

We believe that every photographer has at least once in their lifetime experienced the frustration of missing the perfect shot because it took too long to attach or change the filter. We believe if one could attach and detach the filter from the lens easier and quicker, the perfect shot won’t be missed. Our mission is to free the photographer from the hassle of changing filters and make him focus on taking the best photos.

We are proud to present our solution – the Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION magnetic attachment filter system. Not only does it free all photographers from the inconvenience of changing filters, but it will also greatly reduce the risk of filters accidentally dropping by screwing them onto the lens.

The system is very easy to use. All you need is an adapter and a filter. Attach the adapter to the lens. Once the adapter is attached, there is no need to remove it every time. Then, simply attach the filter to the adapter. You will not miss a moment.

We are confident that Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION will widen your shooting possibilities.


PROTECTOR is an insurance for your precious lens. This filter is recommended for those who to use their lenses safely and to prevent physical damage to the lens from scratches, dust or dirt.

Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION PROTECTOR is released in two packages: Solo package and set package. Set packages include the PROTECTOR itself and an Adapter Ring.


To attach the Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION PROTECTOR you will need an Adapter Ring and the filter itself of the same size as your lens.

  1. Screw the Adapter Ring onto the lens. Make sure the size of the Adapter Ring fits the size of the lens.
  2. Attach the Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION PROTECTOR magnetic filter to the lens.
  3. Enjoy shooting!



Knurled edge allows quick and stress-free operation.


Thanks to a new formula of coating material the surface of the filter will make moisture and water drops to bead up and slip down leaving the filter clean. Thus, you will not need to clean the filter for a long time and maintenance will become incredibly easier and safer.


Easy to clean and maintain the filter in clean conditions thanks to Oil&Fingerprint resistant coating.




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