A handy GPS unit for digital SLR cameras

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Featuring convenient, simple-to-use equatorial telescope functions, the O-GPS2 allows easy filing of recorded images using location data such as a shooting location and the camera's direction

Simply by mounting the O-GPS2 accessory GPS unit onto the hotshoe of a PENTAX digital SLR camera, you can record the latitude, longitude, altitude, universal time coordinated (UTC) and aspect of shooting locations onto captured images. Receiving satellites include GPS, SBAS, OZSS, GLONASS, and Galileo. Image files carrying the location data can be used to track shooting locations and review location data on a computer. The location data stored on these files also makes it much easier to sort and file recorded images. By coupling location data with the camera’s SR (Shake Reduction) system, this GPS unit offers a range of innovative, PENTAX-original applications, including ASTROTRACER, Simple Navigation and Electronic Compass.

Three innovative features to complement standard GPS functions


PENTAX-original simplified equatorial telescope function using the camera’s SR system

The O-GPS2 calculates the movement of celestial bodies using the latitude obtained from the location data and the camera’s alignment data (horizontal and vertical inclinations) detected by the electronic compass and acceleration sensors. It then shifts the camera’s image sensor in synchronization with the movement of the objects. This means that stars and other bodies are captured as solid points rather than blurry streaks, even during extended exposures.

Simple Navigation

This function linearly navigates you to a desired location by calculating the direction and distance from the current position to the destination.

Electronic Compass

This function accurately displays the camera’s direction at the time of shooting on the camera’s LCD monitor.

Compatible cameras

GPS ASTROTRACER Simple Navigation Electronic Compass
K-3 Mark III

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