In ever-changing city views, capture once-in-forever moments on the street with the special GR.


A limited-edition model featuring a metallic gray body and orange-yellow ring cap, inspired by street photographers who are in their element on the asphalt pavement.

The unique surface texture is smooth but enables excellent grip, a combination of design and functionality.

The Full Press Snap feature allows you to focus on a specified distance and shoot, all through touch screen controls. With this fast-shooting function, you can set up your shot precisely, then capture the photo at the perfect moment.

*This feature can be added to the standard GR III model by installing the latest function expansion firwmare.

The Street Edition features a special power-off graphic with a street-like background and special logo.

The special Limited Kit includes the original Street Edition accessories – genuine leather hand strap GS-2 and external mini viewfinder GV-2.


Ricoh GR III Street Edition

Included items:

GR III Street Edition, Ring Cap(Black)

Ricoh GR III Street Edition

Special Limited Kit

Included items:

GR III Street Edition, Genuine Leather Hand Strap, External Mini Viewfinder, Ring Cap(Black)

Limited Edition of 3,500 Units Worlwide

RICOH GR III Street Edition Special Limited Kit has been sold out.


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