This compact, lightweight auto flash features a maximum guide number of 20 (at ISO100/m) and a dustproof, weather-resistant structure with 18 sealing parts across its body, including the hot shoe.

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It provides simplified operation: a single turn of the discharge mode dial, which also functions as the power switch, makes it ready for flash photography.

It also provides other useful features, including: a tilt head mechanism which moves a maximum angle of 135 degrees for bounce flash applications, to capture soft, natural images; and a removable wide-angle panel to cover an angle of view as wide as 13mm (when mounted on an APS-C-format digital SLR camera).

Flash Specifications (for APS-C-format SLR cameras)

P-TTL AutoAvailable
auto flash
Manual guide number
[ISO100 • m]
Manual guide number
[ISO200 • m]
Discharge angleAngle-of-view coverage of a 16mm lens
Wide-angle panel (built-in)Available
Angle-of-view coverage of a 13mm lens
Bounce flashUp(~135°) , Down(~10°)
Discharge level compensation
AF-assist light
Size and weight (approx.)65mm(W) x 72.5mm(H) x 31mm(D)
141g (flash body only)
Power sourceTwo AAA-cell batteries
Other functions• Exclusive use with digital SLR cameras
• Dustproof, weather-resistant structure
• Automatic power-off (180 sec.)
• Trailing-shutter sync mode



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