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Thank you for using a PENTAX K-1 digital camera.
RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. wishes to announce the release of Firmware Update Software Version 1.43 for PENTAX K-1.
Firmware in this document is the software that runs inside digital cameras.

Changes to V1.43
  • Corrected – Unstable performance may rarely occur in Movie mode or Live View status of still picture in firmware version 1.42.
Changes to V1.42
  • Corrected – Unstable performance may rarely occur in firmware version 1.41.
Changes to V1.41

[Enhanced features]

  • Correspond to Image Transmitter 2 version 2.3.0 
    [Function enhancement/Additional item when using Image Transmitter 2 version 2.3.0 ]
       -  Drive mode change function.
       -  White balance change function.
       -  Custom image change function.
       -  Image recording format change function.
       -  JPEG recording size change function
       -  Recording image quality change function.
       -  Card slot setting function.
       -  Live view magnification change function.
       -  Focus fine adjustment function for live view.
       -  Focus assists setting function.
       -  Start and stop / file transfer for movie shooting. (Live view is incompatible)
  • Improved stability for general performance. 
    *When this update is done, the contents of version 1.40 and earlier will be also updated.
Changes to V1.40

[Enhanced features]

    • Red-lighted LCD monitor display function
      The PENTAX K-1 provides a red-lighted LCD monitor display function, which prevents the pupils of the photographer’s eyes from closing down after they have become accustomed to a dark environment during astrophotography.
    • Bulb timer function
      The bulb timer function comes in handy when photographing celestial bodies or fireworks. The PENTAX K-1 allows the photographer to expend an exposure time up to 20 minutes in Bulb mode.

*For more details click here


  • During slow shutter speeds the PENTAX K-1 features white dot noise reduction processing. (*1)
  • Overall Improved stability for general performance. 
    *1: When Slow Shutter Speed NR is OFF and JPEG image.
Changes to V1.30

[Enhanced features]

    • The Electronic Shutter can be selected at the Menu to reduce camera shake from the mechanical shutter when shooting with Live View mode.
    • Added and selectable [Square format (1:1)] size at the Crop mode.
    • Addition to the current [3 frames bracketing (OFF, TYPE1, TYPE2)], the [2 frames bracketing (OFF, TYPE2)] is added and selectable for the [AA Filter Simulator bracketing]
    • At the [BKT] setting, the bracketing range [±0 (=single frame)] can be selected.

*For more details click here


  • Improved stability for general performance.
Changes to V1.20
  • Corresponded to [KAF4 lens mount] that is equipped with an electromagnetic diaphragm control system. 
    Enable new lens HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mmF4.5-6.3ED PLM WR RE to shoot stable by updating firmware.
  • Improved stability for general performance.
Changes to V1.10
  • Corresponded to IMAGE Transmitter 2 (Version2.2.0)
  • Correspond to PENTAX Tethered Capture Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®(Simple Version)(Version1.1.0)
  • Improved stability for general performance.
  • Only PENTAX K-1 users are permitted to download the firmware update.
PENTAX Firmware Update Software for PENTAX K-1
Name PENTAX Firmware Update Software for PENTAX K-1
Registered name (zip type 8,778 Kbytes)
Applied product PENTAX K1
To check the version number, press the menu button and select [Firmware Info/Options] in the [Set-up 4] menu then press the four-way controller right.
Updated firmware file For Mac and windows : zip type
Release date 2017/11/09
How to check version
  1. [1] Turn ON the camera.
  2. [2] Press MENU button to display MENU screen.
  3. [3] Press the four-way controller right to display [Set-up 4] menu screen.
  4. [4] Select [Firmware Info/Options] in the [Set-up 4] menu then press the four-way controller right.

The firmware version for camera is displayed on the [Firmware Info/Options] screen.

Preparation of update
    • Blank, formatted SD/SDHC card (32MB or more)
    • USB cable 2.0)
      If you are copying the firmware update file to the SD card by connecting the camera directly to your computer.
    • SD card reader or a computer with a SD card slot.
      If you are copying the firmware update file to the SD card using a memory card reader / writer.
    • Fully charged battery (D-LI90)

*Be sure to use fully charged battery (D-LI90)
If the camera turns off during updating due to lack of battery power, the camera will become inoperable. If this happens, a charge will be made for repairs even if within the warranty period.

Download the updated firmware file
  • For Windows/Macintosh : 8,778Kbytes, zip type
Updating Procedure
    1. Provide a formatted SD memory card for the update software.
      The download file is self-extracting. The following file is extracted.
      Fwdc228b.bin: This is the updated firmware.
      Copy the above Firmware file [fwdc228b.bin] to the root directory in the SD card.
      If your computer does not have a card slot, you can copy the firmware update file by inserting the SD card into your camera and then connecting the camera directly to your computer.
    2. Insert the D-LI90 battery into the camera and confirm the battery is full by battery level indicator then turn the camera off.
    3. nsert the update SD card (prepared in step 1) into the camera (slot 1) and close card cover.
    4. Turn the camera power on while pressing the MENU button.
    5. "Updates the camera firmware" appears in the LCD monitor.
      Ver: 1.00/1.10/1.20/1.30/1.40 /1.41/1.42→1.43 will be displayed.
    6. Press the four-way controller to select "Start" and press the "OK" button.
    7. "NOW LOADING" appears on the LCD monitor and updating starts.
      Please do not under any circumstances switch off the power before the update is completed.
    8. When update is completed, the "COMPLETE" will be displayed at the left bottom of the LCD monitor, then turn the camera off.
    9. Remove the update SD card from the camera.
      *Confirm the version of firmware with above [How to check version].

When updating is finished, the update SD card still contains the Firmware file.
If you want to use this card to take pictures, format the card by the camera to delete firmware file first.


In order to download the firmware please click on the following link;  

Firmware update

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Limited-edition camera commemorates 10th anniversary of Japanese vocaloid pop star

Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation today announced the North American availability of a special, Hatsune Miku version of the Ricoh Theta SC camera. This limited-edition, 360-degree camera package was created in collaboration with Hatsune Miku developer Crypton Future Media to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its popular, singing digital avatar. The package includes a Ricoh Theta SC camera with graphics of the Hatsune Miku character by original illustrator KEI on a specially-colored camera body, as well as access to a smartphone application that enables users to integrate the Hatsune Miku character into their 360-degree images.

Hatsune Miku is an extremely popular digital persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application, with a loyal following in Japan and around the world.

The Ricoh Theta SC Type Hatsune Miku, which incorporates the same tech specs as the regular Theta SC version, features an illustration of Hatsune Miku on a blue-green-colored camera body—her signature color scheme—as well as a pink-illuminated power button. When the shutter button is pressed to capture a 360-degree image, the camera emits a custom Hatsune Miku sound, developed by Crypton Future Media. With the dedicated Ricoh Theta Type Hatsune Miku application for iOS and Android devices, users can overlay a three-dimensional image of Hatsune Miku on their 360-degree photos. The app includes 55 different poses, including Snow Miku, a winter character whose outfits are determined by annual design competitions.

The Ricoh Theta Hatsune Miku exclusive editing application can only be used with this Theta model.

The Ricoh Theta SC Type Hatsune Miku package includes a dog-tag key holder printed with the camera serial number (up to 3,939), and blue-green colored 100-percent wool case by Japanese artisan crafts company, Abitax. Both the dog-tag key holder and packaging feature an exclusive illustration of Hatsune Miku created by well-known Japanese artist, fuzichoco.

Additional information about the camera can be found at and on (open transcript for English translation).



About Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation|

Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services.  Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group operates in about 200 countries and regions.

The company now known as Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation was originally founded in 1919, under the name Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co. and launched its first SLR camera in the 1950s under the PENTAX name. Today, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation continues to produce the heritage-rich, award-winning line of PENTAX DSLR cameras, lenses and sport optics equipment as well as Ricoh’s offering of stylish and compact digital cameras, known for their wide-ranging, rich set of features.

For further information, please visit







© 2017 Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation. All rights reserved. All referenced product names are the trademarks of their respective companies.




A camera that can shoot 360° spherical images in a single shot


Top of the range model that delivers 4K 360° video and spatial audio recording


RICOH COMPANY, LTD and RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. announce the launch of the “RICOH THETA V”, which supports features that include 360° 4K video capture, immersive spatial audio recording, and high-speed image transfer. The RICOH THETA V is the new top of the range model in the 360° “RICOH THETA” camera series.

Since the RICOH THETA was first launched in 2013 as the world’s first 360° single shot camera*1, this exceptional imaging tool has been used to capture exciting and unique fully-spherical images in a variety of situations. The 360° visual space has defied the conventions of traditional photography and allowed users to capture their entire surrounding in one image. These can even be shared with others using a VR headset, allowing them be fully immersed in the scene, as though they were actually with there.

The rapid growth of the virtual reality (VR) market, the expansion of SNS (Social Networking Services) supporting 360° and the ever-increasing demand from the B2B sector, means that the opportunities to utilize the extensive capabilities of THETA are expected to expand further in the near future.

The RICOH THETA V has a compact, lightweight body, so it’s portable enough to take anywhere, anytime. Featuring the sleek design and handling THETA users have come to expect, it takes the 360° photo and video experience to a whole new level.  It’s packed full of performance-enhancing features, but some striking additions to its armory, put this device at the cutting edge of 360° innovation.

Furthermore, it achieves high-speed transfer that can comfortably exchange large volumes of data, high sound quality recording compatible with 360° spatial audio, and shoot equivalent 360° 4K video. The camera can also connect to a Smartphone or tablet using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, for flexible operation. In addition, the Ricoh Theta V features an open source Android operating system, allowing for future performance enhancements through firmware updates, whilst also opening up the platform to even more developers

*1. As a mass-produced consumer product capable of capturing the scene around, above and below the device in a fully spherical image (as of October, 2013, based on Ricoh research).

 Optional Accessories

3D Microphone TA-1 - RRP

Underwater Housing TW-1 - RRP


Available: End October

Announcing the launch of the PENTAX K-1 Limited Silver 

A Limited Edition Silver 35mm Full-frame Digital SLR Camera that matches the Silver FA Limited Lens Series 

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD is pleased to announce a special edition of the PENTAX K series digital SLR camera, the PENTAX K-1 Limited Silver. There are only 2,000 units available worldwide!

The PENTAX K-1 (launched in April 2016) features a 35.9mm x 24.0mm large, high-performance CMOS image sensor, achieving ultra-high definition approx. 36.4 effective mega pixels and superb gradation recreation, along with high-sensitivity performance for the ultimate K series digital SLR camera model. This limited edition model was designed to meet overwhelming user demand for a camera body and battery grip in a refined silver color that perfectly matches the silver FA Limited Lens Series. The model also features a limited edition metal hot shoe cover with logo. These features show our commitment to the finest details and make this a truly special model.                                                                                            

Main Features

·         A high-grade silver-color coating is used on the camera body and battery grip to perfectly match the silver FA Limited Lens, along with a special silver type SR badge on the front of the camera

·         The metal hot shoe cover features a beautiful , mirror finish PENTAX K-1 Limited Silver logo

·         Two exclusive batteries are included and can be used simultaneously in the camera body and battery grip

·         Exclusively designed product box

·         The camera body comes pre-installed with the latest firmware (ver. 1.41)

Note: The camera body’s features and specifications are identical with those of the standard model, except for the firmware. 

K-1 Limited Silver includes: Battery Grip D-BG6,. 2 x D-LI90 lithium battery, Metal Hot shoe Cover