IMAGE Transmitter 2 Update for Macintosh

Thank you for using PENTAX digital SLR camera.
RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. wishes to announce the release of the Macintosh Updater for update the IMAGE Transmitter 2. For correct update, you are required to be installed IMAGE Transmitter 2 before hand on your PC. Please download the Updater file on your PC first, and update it. 

Name IMAGE Transmitter 2 (Version 2.4.0) Macintosh Updater.
Registered name IT2Updater_240 (Mac). zip (969Kbyte)
System requirement OS : macOS v10.13 High Sierra / macOS v10.12 Sierra / macOS v10.11 El Capitan / 
macOS v10.10 Yosemite 
Memory : 4.0GB or more 
Free disk space : 100MB or more 
Monitor: 1024x768 or more , Can be displayed 24bit full color or more 
Interface: USB2.0, USB3.0
Release date 2018/4/23
How to Update
  1. Please download and save the file into appropriate folder on your Hard disk
  2. Double click the downloaded file [IT2Updater_240 (Mac).zip]
  3. Double click [IT2Updater_240.pkg] file
  4. The Installer will start, following to the installation display
  5. When the installation will be completed and the massage is displayed, click [Finish].
Changes to V2.4.0
[23, April 2018] IMAGE Transmitter 2 (Version 2.4.0) Macintosh Updater

[Main changes from Version 2.3.0] 
[Function enhancement/Additional item]

  • Corresponded to PENTAX K-1 Mark II.


Changes to V2.3.0
[20, April 2017] IMAGE Transmitter 2 (Version 2.3.0) Macintosh Updater

[Main changes from Version 2.2.1]
[Function enhancement/Additional item]

  • Corresponded to PENTAX KP.
  • The following items can be set newly.
       -  Drive mode change function. 
       -  White balance change function.
       -  Custom image change function.
       -  Image recording format change function.
       -  RAW format change function.
       -  Live view magnification change function.
       -  Focus fine adjustment function for live view.
       -  Composition fine adjustment function. (Only use with KP)
       -  Start and stop / file transfer for movie shooting. (Need SD card/645Z is incompatible/K-1:LV is incompatible)
       -  Correspond to timer exposure of Bulb. (Camera side timer setting value display/ start and stop by application side timer)


[Improvement item]

  • Maintain enlarged condition after AF for live view magnification. (KP is incompatible)
  • Correspond to display magnification change of independent post view.
    *When this update is done, the contents of version 2.2.1and earlier will be also updated.
    *It is necessary to update the firmware to version 1.23 for 645Z and version 1.41 for K-1.


Changes to V2.2.1
[19, January 2017] IMAGE Transmitter 2 (Version 2.2.1) Macintosh Updater

[Main changes from Version 2.2.0]

  • Corresponded to relation work with PENTAX Tethered Capture Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® via IMAGE Transmitter 2 Ver2.0.0.
    (Enable to read the image automatically with Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® that take a picture by IMAGE Transmitter 2)
  • Improved stability for general performance.


Changes to V2.2.0
[19, May 2016] IMAGE Transmitter 2 (Version 2.2.0) Macintosh Updater

[Main changes from Version 2.1.0]

  • Corresponded to PENTAX K-1
  • Added independent post window. (Can change window size, full size picture).
  • Added grid display on live view. (Can change to line color and kind of grid.)


Changes to V2.1.0
[26, March 2015] IMAGE Transmitter 2 (Version 2.1.0) Macintosh Updater

[Main changes from Version 2.0.0]

    • Added Digital Camera Utility 5 connection.
    •    -  Automatic image display of transfer image file.


         -  Move display folder on Browser mode.


         -  Automatic thumbnail display of transfer image file on Browser mode.


         -  Automatic addition for editing image list on Laboratory mode.


         -  Connection ON/OFF setting for Option dialog.


    • Changed window size to 1024x768 pixels.


  • Image files name display during image transfer.