Kerrick James

Arizona, USA

Kerrick James has been a full-time travel journalist since 1990, and has traveled all around the world. His images have been featured on more than 200 book and magazine covers, and he’s written numerous feature stories for travel publications. He has also shot a variety of travel-themed books on subjects like Route 66, and other travel destinations worldwide.

With the American West and Pacific Rim as his home territory, he has taught more than 60 photo workshops in 12 years, from Panama to Alaska, and Hawaii to Zambia. Kerrick shoots all aspects of destination travel, including architecture, nightlife, sports and wildlife, but Kerrick is best known for his dynamic landscapes and images of ecotourism.

His favorite assignments have taken him on active adventures like kayaking, hiking, climbing and exploring the wild places of the planet. He has rafted the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon 14 times, and recently hiked 40 miles in the Alps on assignment. His philosophy about travel photography is simple: “Photography is our shared visual language, and connects all cultures. I’m thrilled to teach and share my vision and experiences with everyone who also loves imaging.”

Kerrick’s thirst for adventure has driven him to become the photographer he is today.

"I bought my first PENTAX SLR in high school, used it through college as I studied photography, and have stayed with PENTAX throughout my entire professional career. I chose PENTAX because their cameras have always been lighter, very rugged, with superb optics with easy, fast working controls. This combination worked beautifully for me as a travel photographer who is always on location and frequently in rough terrain. My clients have consistently raved about the quality of the images I've submitted. My PENTAX cameras just always work, enabling me to concentrate on making great images for my clients, simple as that."


Type of Photography

Adventure & Destination Travel

Favorite Equipment:

K-1 and 645Z systems

All Ricoh-Pentax optics

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Facebook: kerrick.james.5

Instagram: @kerrickjames5

Twitter: @kerrickjames