Application for easy photo transfer.

Image Sync is an application that, when combined with supported cameras enables remote capture, image view, copying image to a mobile device, uploads to social media, and other functionality.


Image Sync was updated (Version 2.0.1). The symptom which some devices could not install Image Sync version 2.0.0 has been resolved.



Image Sync ver.1.1.6 supports PENTAX K-1 Mark II.

Image Sync was updated (Version 1.1.5). Bug fixed in view mode.

Image Sync corresponded to new authentication method of YouTube.
PENTAX KP connection instructions and function description were posted.

Main Functions

1. Image View and Transfer

This lets you view on, and copy to the mobile device images you have taken on your camera. Images that have been copied can be uploaded to social media.

* Image Sync can be used even when the camera is not connected to mobile devices.

2. Remote Capture

You can view the Live View image of the camera on the mobile device, and using this, change shooting conditions such as EV compensation, and operate the shutter.

Supported models

  • PENTAX K-1 Mark II
  • PENTAX K-1
  • PENTAX K-70

Details in Overview, Connection Method, and Functional Explanations are current as of September 2018.

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