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We have recently discovered that a limited amount of RICOH GR III cameras that were sold in the North American market, may have a slight tilt to the 4-way controller. The specification of the controller allows for some movement, however we found that there are some units that have a more pronounced tilt.

We can confirm that this tilt has absolutely no influence on the camera functions or image quality. If you feel you are experiencing this pronounced tilt on your GRIII please click the link below and provide the requested information. You will be notified via email with instructions on how to complete the correction process.

GRIII_Repair Registration

Ricoh Imaging stands behind our new GR III camera. To ensure continued use of your GR III camera and your confidence in your GR III camera, Ricoh Imaging will offer an extended 90 Day Warranty in addition to the normal 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to any cameras within the serial numbers that were released. Please register your camera via the below link and fill out the requested information, this must be completed by May 31, 2019. You will then receive an email communication from Ricoh extending your current GR III Manufacturer’s warranty.

GRIII Extended Warranty Registration

S/N’s that may be affected:
0010046 – 0022290
2010043 – 2012044
3010045 – 3010544
4010041 – 4010230

Thank you for your patience during this time as we continue to conduct internal due diligence on the controller setting. Until that time please continue using your GRIII without issue.

We sincerely apologize for any trouble and any inconvenience caused. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this issue.

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