PENTAX V-Series includes two new, innovative products; Ricoh also announces new additions to PENTAX U-Series.

PARSIPPANY, NJ, August 3, 2020 -
Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation today announced the PENTAX V binocular/monocular series, a new line of products with unique, multi-function features designed to greatly enhance operability and usability for a wide range of applications. The first two models are the PENTAX VD 4X20 WP binoculars with a first-of-its-kind detachable design, and the PENTAX VM 6X21 WP monocular, designed to facilitate close-range observations.
Featuring durable, dependable waterproof construction**, both models in the new PENTAX V-Series are ideal for use at outdoor sports events, concerts and theatrical performances, and locations such as beaches and waterfalls, or in the rain.
The PENTAX VD 4X20 WP is the world’s first “three-in-one” binocular product*. As conventional binoculars, the PENTAX VD 4X20 WP delivers a solid, magnified view of the subject. However, the innovative design also allows the user to separate the two barrels and use them independently as two separate monoculars or combine the barrels inline into a single, high-power telescope with 16X magnification.
With a non-slip, rubber-coated exterior and seesaw-type focus adjustment, the PENTAX VM 6×21 WP monocular can be securely held and focused using just one hand, making it ideal for trekking or hiking. With a minimum focusing distance of approximately 27.5 inches and a wide focus adjustment range, this monocular can be used in applications ranging from magnified views of distant scenery to close-up observations of small objects.
Two optional accessories expand the capabilities of the PENTAX VM 6×21 WP monocular. An accessory stand, the Macro Stand V-MS1, allows the monocular to be used as a microscope capable of magnifying approximately 18X. A smartphone adapter accessory (Smartphone Adapter V-SA1) enables shooting and recording with a smartphone. Both accessories and the VM 6×21 WP monocular are available in the PENTAX VM 6×21 WP Discovery Kit.
Ricoh also announced the PENTAX UD 9X21 and PENTAX UD 10X21 roof-prism binoculars. Boasting the lightest weight and most compact design of any PENTAX binoculars, these highly portable models provide a higher magnification than most other compact binoculars currently on the market.
Despite their palm-sized bodies, these binoculars provide six to eight times greater magnification than similarly-sized models. The PENTAX UD 9X21 incorporates fully multi-coated optics — a series of lens coatings identical to those applied to higher-class models — to assure bright and clear viewing. The PENTAX UD 10X21 optics offer even higher power at 10X magnification, while retaining the same compact body size. With a choice of two magnifications, the PENTAX UD series assures comfortable viewing in a variety of applications, while excelling in cost performance.
The PENTAX UD 9X21 is available in five different body colors to accommodate user color preferences.

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