Pentax AF360FGZ II
  • Weather resistant All Weather (AW) construction pairs perfectly with PENTAX WR digital SLRs
  • Guide number 119 at ISO 100/ft (36 at ISO 100/m)
  • LED constant light source for video & long exposure photography
  • Fast battery recycle time of 2.5 sec.
Simplify your light

Simplify your light with a specialized flash unit including seriously enhanced battery life, a bounce-head, P-TTL auto flash, high speed synchronization, wireless P-TTL auto flash applications, the robust PENTAX-original weather sealed construction and an LED light for a constant ambient source for shooting movies and long exposure stills.

A high-intensity fixed LED light creates a constant ambient source, ideal for close-distance video recording, as well as long exposure photography. It also functions as a catch light for portraiture and as an autofocus assist light in the dark. And with 28 dependable weather seals, its All-Weather construction allows for worry-free use in demanding outdoor settings that include rain, fog and dust.

Other features

P-TTL mode with pre-flash allows for more accurate strobe photography • High speed on camera and high-speed wireless flash is available in P-TTL modes • Luminous LCD display shows the effective range of the flash • Built-in wide-angle panel slides out to cover 20mm angle of view (in the 35mm format) • Designed to be tougher, smaller and lighter, this strobe is only approx. 10.3 ounces

Bounce Flash Function is adjustable to angles of -10 to 90 degrees vertically and up to 180 degrees horizontally • With user-friendly function settings, customize and control flash operations with as many as nine pre-settings, including the on/off of the catch-light function • Flash exposure compensation through a simple control dial • Power-zoom flash to cover angles of view from 24mm to 85mm lenses (in the 35mm format) • Multi-flash emission function available



Flash Modes

P-TTL auto, manual, multi, wireless (P-TTL/Manual)

Bounce Head

Vertical and horizontal bounce possible, click stops provided, lock provided at 0°.
Rightward: 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°
Leftward: 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 135°
Upward: 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
Downward: 0°, -10°

Zoom Head

Auto zoom enabled with autofocus compatible camera and lens combination.

Color Temp



68 mm (W) × 111 mm (H) × 106 mm (T) (2.6'' × 4.3'' × 4.1'')


LCD panel illumination button illuminates the LCD panel for about 10 seconds or press the button again to turn it off.

Guide Number

Maximum 36 (ISO 100/m)
Approx. 119 at ISO 100/ft (36 at ISO 100/m)

Interval Battery Life

Automatic power-off: After approx. 3 min. of non-operation with the power on. After 1 hour in wireless mode.
Quick power on: By pressing the camera’s shutter release button halfway

Sync Modes

Leading curtain sync, Trailing curtain sync, Contrast control sync, High-speed sync

Power Supply

Four AA batteries, (Alkaline (LR6), Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), or Lithium (FR6)

Weight W/o Batteries

Approx. 290 g (10.2 oz.) without batteries

Case O-AC141 (for AF360FGZ II/AF540FGZ II)
Stand for AF360FGZ II/AF540FGZ II
no firmware available
no software available